About Us

Our Mission

Bringing people together one event at a time. How many time have you heard friends say " there is nothing to do in Wilmington". Entertainment by Candlelight is looking to solve that situation.  Providing a variety of fun, mentally and socially engaging events at a reasonable price.  Check Back regularly on our website for future events. As we strive to change the entertainment landscape of Wilm, D

Are you looking for something new?

Are you at the point in your life that your are tired of the club scene?  

Want something more than a night at the movies?

Here is the answer.

• At EBCL we value your time and money.  We work to create a price structure that screams value and encourages friends, families, and loved ones coming together.

Entertainment by Candlelight

We believe that life is too long to be unhappy and unfulfilled.  Too many times we look for outside sources  for validation and happiness.  When true happiness and joy is inside of each one of us.  To claim this power over our lives we have to make a conscious and concerted effort to improve ourselves hour by hour, day by day, year by year.